Jeffrey Zagaria

Praise You Lord

Jeffrey Zagaria is one of the cornerstones of many Catholic Radio Stations. Every week, Jeffery contributes his time and talents to producing a special one hour music and praise broadcast. “Praise You Lord”

Praise You Lord” is an underground praise and worship gospel music show.  The show broadcasts Christian performing artists who have full control of their own publishing rights.  “Praise You Lord” is a voice for inspirational music as well as personal interviews, testimonies, new releases, and concert information.

Praise You Lord heard on this station Saturdays 6 PM, Sundays 12 Noon and 6 PM.

Host Jeffrey Zagaria has been a recommitted Catholic Christian since 1992.  After leaving the church during his late teens he had a personal revelation which lead him back in his early twenties. Since then Zagaria has been active in his Catholic christian community.  He also is a professional musician, electrical engineer, and singer-songwriter.  Zagaria owns and operates an online vocal and music academy as well as a state of the art recording studio.

Jeffrey is the owner and operator of the Zagaria Vocal Academy.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jeffrey Zagaria.

Jeffrey, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My family immigrated from Italy and settled in Metropolitan Boston. Neighbors who played for the Boston Symphony heard my dad singing as a young child and persuaded my grandparents to get him piano lessons. My father excelled as a pianist and by the age of ten took a bus into Boston to play piano regularly on a radio show. I am a second generation music and voice instructor. My dad is a lifelong piano and organ teacher. He also led the Pat Zagaria Orchestra in both Korea and Greater Boston.

I began taking piano lessons at the age of 3 and had my first public performance in Nursery School. Having a diverse interest in subjects, I followed the advice of my parents and obtained a B.A. in Electrical Engineering. However, I continued to pursue my passion for writing and performing music at night. By the age of 21, the band I led had an opportunity to sign a major record contract. Several years later I was invited to join a rock band that was signing with a major label. Again, I decided to decline.

After being groomed to be president of a power and light department, I decided to leave the Electrical Engineering field, to follow my passion for teaching. I found myself attracted to special education and worked in an alternative education school in Greater Boston. Teaching music at night between gigs was a hobby. A couple of years later, I decided to go into full time private music teaching while teaching part time at two Catholic Schools in Greater Boston.

Performance opportunities opened up when I took jobs as a backup singer with Celine Dion, Reba McEntire, and Richard Smallwood. My reputation as a singer and musician had continued to increase. I began singing with the Boston Pops and sang for 6 years with them until I moved to south Florida when I formed

Later I had the idea to start the first online vocal and music academy. My idea was ahead of its time. Early on, most of the population did not believe it to be possible to learn online. However, I was able to live abroad and travel for three years. allowed me to live on a ski mountain in Maine and live in Brazil, as well as travel other places.

While living five months in Brazil, I desired to bring an accent reduction program for singers and beta test my method. I also made wonderful contacts in the Brazilian music scene. Brazil is one of my favorite places in the world to hear beautiful music. However, Brazil was having many difficult political and economic issues. Simultaneously, my secretary was fielding many calls from excellent clients with great potential that wanted to take lessons face to face in south Florida. I decided it was time to answer that call and returned to Boca Raton, FL.

Upon returning, a beautiful recording studio became available to my small company. It was originally built by John Henry, who was an owner of the Florida Marlins, and currently owns the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Globe. Later it changed hands to a recording company that made many hit records. I jumped at the opportunity to set up a physical location at this new beautiful recording studio where we are now.

Currently, I am teaching privately face to face and online at my new studio location. We also have a full recording facility where I work with young and professional singer/songwriters. I produce demos and radio-ready audio. One of the benefits of this new work model is that I am a vocal coach with writing and arranging experience who engineers and produces in a state-of-the-art location. The symbiosis of the Electrical Engineering skills along with my musical experience is a dream come true!

I have been involved in coaching several contestants for TV such as The Voice, and American Idol, as well as helping people get signed to major record and TV contracts. Several Grammy Award winning producers call me to work with their client’s voices as well. I also love to work with people that are beginners at any age. It’s fun to help people with music! I love it!

Has it been a smooth road?
Being the first online vocal and music academy was a great challenge. In 2010 it was very difficult to convince people that online classes work. However, I overcame this challenge by establishing a new physical location in South Florida. The recording studio is a huge bonus!

Also writing and producing several books and lesson videos that are available for purchase at our online store was a challenge. My greatest challenge has been promoting the teaching materials. I really do not enjoy self-promotion at all. Perhaps in the future I may address this issue by hiring a company to handle the task of selling video and books.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Zagaria Vocal Academy – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
Zagaria Vocal Academy: Vocal and Music studio for all ages and levels

“Best of 2014” award, “Best of 2015” award, NAMM Member 2014-2018

Lessons and services in: vocal coaching, voice lessons, accent reduction piano, guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, violin, viola, ukulele, music theory, music engineering and production, songwriting, copyright, music business.

Jeffrey Zagaria – Principal and teacher

Performed with Celine Dion, Reba McEntire, Boston Pops Orchestra, Grammy Gospel artist Richard Smallwood, and many others. Trained with music producers who have multiple Grammy awards, Grammy nominations, and Billboard awards. Trained clients who have become finalists on The Voice and American Idol. Prepared artists who have entered prestigious music colleges, signed record, TV, and film contracts.

“Simply The Best” – official music, voice, and recording academy – 2017,2018

• NAMM Member 2014-2018
• “Best Of Award 2105”
• “Best Of Award 2014”
• Award for outstanding service to Sonrise Bible Mission, Fort Lauderdale FL 2013
• Award for outstanding service to Sonrise Bible Mission, Fort Lauderdale FL 2010
• B.S. in Electrical Engineering, minor Fine Arts University of Massachusetts, Lowell MA 1994
• James B. Francis Award for Undergraduate Research, 1994
• Award for outstanding service to the Newman Club, UMass Lowell, 1994
• Award for community service to the Lowell MA community 1994
• Award for community service to the Lowell MA community 1992
• Award for community service to the Lowell MA community 1991

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
I love South Florida! It is a mix of so many different cultures! I love the cuisine, the live music, and the different cultural styles that one can only find in South Florida. And of course, we have the best weather in the world!